To be a center of excellence in imparting teacher education, to compete globally and raise the socio-economic standard of the nation.


Develop a teacher education institution capable of maintaining global standards.

Develop a group of new generation teachers with right attitudes, ideals and values and are competent to practice education within the framework of Indian culture.

Develop a new cadre of teaching professionals who can recreate the vision of Indian education and can contribute to social order based on equity and ahimsa.

Our Group

KMG College of Education, Angalakurichi.

KMG Polytechnic College, Angalakurichi.

KMG Matriculation School, V. Kaliapuram.

KMG Memorial ITI, V. Kaliapuram.

KMG Memorial Industrial School, V. Kaliapuram.

Palaniammal Hr. Sec. School, V. Kaliapuram.

Courses Offered

D.Ele.Ed., (Diploma Course) Duration : Two Years (Non Semesters)


Eligibility for admission in to the D.Ele.Ed., Course
1. Higher Secondary (BC/MBC/OC/FC – 45%, SC/ST – 12th STD Pass)
2. Age Limit for Admission.
• BC/MBC/OC – 30 Years
• SC/ST/Handicapped – 35 Years
• Orphans/Widow – 40 Years
• Inter caste Marriage (BC/MBC – 32 Years, SC/ST – 37 Years)


Taught Courses :-

1. The Learning Child
2. Facilitating and Enhancing Learning I
3. Teaching of Tamil I
4. Teaching of English I
5. Teaching of Mathematics I
6. Teaching of Science I
7. Teaching of Social Science I

Practicum :-

8. Observing children and doing case study
9. School visit
10. Story telling
11. Physical education, Health education and Yoga.
12. Self development workshop


Taught Courses :-

1. Indian Education system
2. Facilitating and Enhancing Learning II
3. Teaching of Tamil II
4. Teaching of English II
5. Teaching of Mathematics II
6. Teaching of Science II
7. Teaching of Social Science II

Practicum :-

8. Self development workshop
9. Teaching learning materials Story telling
10. Physical education, Health education and Yoga.
11. Art education and Work experience
12. Educational Computing

General Rules & Regulations

• Students should be regular and punctual to the classes.
• Students should attend the assembly prayer everyday morning without fail.
• Students with less than 90% attendance shall not be eligible to appear for Board Examinations.
• Students Should wear the prescribed uniform.
• Mobile phones / Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the campus.
• Students should not indulge in any anti-social activities if found guilty they shall be dismissed from the college and the fees paid shall not be refunded.
• Students should not involve in Ragging. Those who indulge in ragging shall be dismissed from the college.
• Students have to attend all the practical and training programs as prescribed.